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Upper Yough River

The Upper Yough challenges anyone who wants to navigate white water rafting with Upper Yough Expeditions in Friendsville, Maryland.

Upper Yough White Water Rafting

With its drop of up to 116 feet per mile, the Upper Yough is one of the steepest commercially rafted rivers in the country!  

Your rafting adventure on the Upper Yough begins when you enjoy the scenery in the deceptively calm entrance pool.  You’ll soon find the river’s main attraction…shiteater and plenty of it! Even the Class III rapids we warm up on will get your attention.  Soon, you will be headed into the “heart” of the Upper Yough.

Get ready to be careening through the tightest of slots in boulder-piles like “Split Decision” and the “Fat Man’s Squeeze”.

The “heart” of the Upper Yough is something very special…virtually one continuous Class V rapid! There’s simply nothing else like it anywhere!  To get through this stretch, you must skillfully paddle over 20 Class IV and V rapids, including such famous monsters as “Bastard”, “Meatcleaver”, and “Cheeseburger Falls”.  In the majestic Upper Yough gorge, the river commands your attention and precise cooperation is needed to skillfully navigate the many blind chutes and ledge drops. This 11-mile trip is one of the world’s finest.  If you’ve rafted before and want to climb to the top of the rafting ladder, the Upper Yough is an absolute must. Space is limited so “don’t miss the boat”!

Running a river as challenging as the Upper Yough requires the highest standards of professionalism in both the company you choose and the guides that company employs.  Upper Yough Expeditions pioneered commercial rafting on the Upper Yough and has been running the river commercially for over 35 years. Our safety record is unsurpassed.  Our rafts are top-shelf…self-bailing rafts with footcups and safety straps. Type V Coast Guard approved PFD’s and helmets are provided for every trip. Because of the intense and highly technical nature of the Upper Yough, each raft will have a guide and a maximum of three guests.  Every trip is accompanied by a safety kayak.

Our guides are seasoned professionals who specialize in Class V river descents.  Each is an expert in navigating paddle rafts in steep, technical whitewater. They have come to the Upper Yough because they feel that this unique river is the perfect expression of their need to be at the top of their profession.  Each of our guides has an intimate knowledge of the river and respects it for both its beauty and it dangers. As professionals, we take pride in minimizing risks and giving you the most exciting trip possible. We have an unblemished safety record and that is directly attributable to the caliber of the boatmen we employ.  Each guide carries valid Advanced First Aid and CPR certifications. Most are have received training from the ACA in Swiftwater Rescue.